Our first phase of data collection for the River Wards Environmental Health Project has concluded. Our survey team spent 11 weeks in the field and visited 3,392 households. We completed 331 surveys and collected data for 223 blocks in the survey area. In our weekly project meetings, the survey team consistently reported that residents were interested in the project and had lots to say about our survey themes. We learned a ton and I judge this phase of the project to be a great success.

Bridesburg Survey Area Map
Bridesburg Survey Area Map

As we begin to analyze our survey and block observation data, we’ll be interested to see what kinds of differences emerge across neighborhoods. Crime, construction, traffic, and industrial waste were concerns that came up repeatedly in our ethnographic fieldnotes. We’re also excited to see how River Wards residents identify and bound their community, especially in relation to legacy boundaries and the city’s designations.

Starting in 2015, we’ll be conducting interviews with River Wards residents, as well as with folks who work in the study area. We’ll also continue to attend community meetings and events. We’ll be at the first public meeting for the River Wards Planning District on January 13th.

If you would like to join our project team or are interested in learning more about our work, please contact Ali Kenner at amk438@drexel.edu


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